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Another Surgery February 19, 2008

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But this time we’re excited! Andy gets to have the 2 screws in his back taken out on Thursday. (Note to self: Get a babysitter!) He is so excited! He has always been a back sleeper so it’s been a really hard 6 months because he hasn’t been able to lay on his back. At first he could for 15-3 minutes but the skin has gotten really really thin and it’s kills to even touch them. (They used to be just bumps, but they are getting more definition-more angle.) We both just can’t wait, so of course time is going by super slow.  This is hopefully his last surgery for a long time. We are getting closer to buying the house. This month has been crazy-so much waiting for big events. We are working on buying the cutest house ever, we were waiting to hear about court, we are waiting for surgery, and I’m waiting for the software development kit for the iphone comes out. I can’t stand it! 


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