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I can’t make this format right!!! February 24, 2008

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Andy is done with surgeries as far as we know-Yay! They took the screws out of his back-the ones that have been hurting hij so much. He is doing amazing-he is uncomfortble sleeping, but even that is getting better. He is laying on his back and just loving having those torture devices gone.Here is a picture of his back pre-surgery, and I will get a picture of the screws and scan in the x-rays so you can see where they were. And some cute pictures of my kids:    Andy with his ’70’s style-i need a hair cut: We have been packing!  I can’t believe how much stuff I still have to pack!  And this is the house we are buying. We are planning on moving on Saturday at 9am. Andy will be making calls tomorrow, but in case he doesn’t call you, know you are formerly invited to come help us move. 😀My two favorite pictures of C:   Andy in the pool treadmill at therapy. (He is now at 50% weight bearing, so pretty soon they can get him in the dry land treadmill with a harness system!)  


5 Responses to “I can’t make this format right!!!”

  1. Lacie Says:

    Love the hair- so sexy!
    You are so organized your boxes look great, I love that they are stacked according to brand of box… it would totally bug me if they weren’t, so nice job!
    Also I think your house is adorable, I can’t wait to see the inside!

  2. Cute house, Reid said he would come and help. Good luck with everything.

  3. Kim Says:

    Ooo the 70’s hair…awesome. Your house…..!!!!! I love it! I would love to help you move, as would Flavio but I am leaving to Hawaii and he will be all alone with the children…I’ll pass the word along, so if he gets up the strength to find a sitter and wake himself up after his long night at work…he’ll come help! Otherwise, I am all for helping you unpack when I get back! Can’t wait to see your place!

  4. Oh my heck! Such a cute house! You are moving!?! Didn’t you just get your house organized? Well, that will make the move easier! Congrats! Also, OUCH! When you said screws, I don’t know what I thought, but that looks so painful! Not envious at all! Glad they are coming out! April

  5. monica Says:

    love love the house!!
    andy’s back seriously hurt me to look at! i’m so glad he’s doing better 🙂

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