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Hair cuts and standing up March 7, 2008

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All my boys got hair cuts today, but the most dramatic one is the only pictures you will get. Here is Andy before: I wanted him to grow it out and be shaggy, so he will tell you that THAT was for me, but that is so far from what I was thinking. lol Here is inbetween-we had some fun. 🙂and here is after-he keeps complaining that his head is cold. 😉Did you notice what he was doing in the ‘before’ picture? Here is a farther away shot. 100% weight bearing means he can stand and walk! He has been walking with a walker at therapy and tomorrow we will be getting his walker. (so many funny jokes are being thrown for that. lol) He is loving this new step. He is loving being able to walk and the prospect of more freedom. He has kept saying he will be walking by summer so we can go camping and it looks like it is happening. WooHoo!  


7 Responses to “Hair cuts and standing up”

  1. Kei Says:

    Whoo Hoo!!!! Seeing Andy standing brought happy tears to my eyes!!! I have no doubt that he will be able achieve his goal of camping this summer!

    Congrats on the new house!!!!

  2. Tony Says:

    Who is this crazy kid standing tall? Must be ANDYSTIEN!

  3. Lacie Says:

    Your comments are above your posts now, I clicked on the one below and was like “how did I already comment?” I love the new look to your blog and the new name, very cool and clever! Nice haircut Andy and way to go standing up, we should all go for a walk someday when Andy’s up for it!

  4. Trina Says:

    That is sooo exciting he is walking….That is soo awesome!!! Mike and I have been wanting to go camping sooo bad….lets do it!!!!!

  5. Janel Says:

    Wow so many things happening since I last checked in. I am so happy for you guys, things sound like they are moving along great. take care girl. I can’t go to Utah this year due to my lil guys surgeries but I will miss meeting up with you and all the gals.

  6. Yay, yay, yay!! That is soo awesome that he is standing! I like his hair cut too! Congrats on the new place, glad you are moved in now! Later! April

  7. Kate Says:

    This is Reid’s little sister, I’ve been reading ever since the accident and praying for Andy. To see him standing is so amazing, he’s such a champ. Look’s like those prayers have been heard. I’m so very happy for all of you. Keep up the good work!!!

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