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Sorry Mom….Vote for Rachel Coleman!!! April 21, 2008

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April 19, 2008

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Flosser, oh flosser-why do I hate you so? 

I resolve to brush my, and my kids, teeth twice a day faithfully, and floss once a day.

What? You already do that? Every day? Hmm…


Party! April 18, 2008

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We are having a party. Pot luck at our house. Gonna be a big party-June 19th!!! Everyone I know better be here-I’m letting you know far enough in advance!


Sexy New Hair April 15, 2008

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I got myself some sexy new hair. (I actually cut my bangs myself-pretty proud of that)


I’m back! April 14, 2008

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Even though we got internet it hasn’t been working well on my computer so I wasn’t about to spend any amount of time of a post to have it disappear into internet h***. But I’m back-we got it working today(knock on wood)

Andy is doing awesome walking. He is getting more and more stretched out and strong. He is even walking on his own some(ie without a walker, etc) and that is really cool to see. It’s been so long. He was standing next to me the other day and I commented on how tall he is and he said he feels like I’m shorter than I used to be. 

He has come outside a couple times to play tennis. Part of our parking area has a big cinderblock wall that he hits balls off of. It’s pretty funny to see him playing tennis in his walker-but then again it’s pretty funny to see him do anything in the walker. 🙂

Since his hamstrings and his stomach are so tight when he lays prone there is a big gap-his stomach doesn’t touch the ground. Therapy has been stretching and all, but this is the latest method to stretch him faster:

The kids are doing great. Ax is thriving in school. I signed S up for preschool at the same school and he is loving it. I can’t beleive how old they are all getting. Ax today decided he is going to buckle C in his carseat ‘all the time’ so I don’t ever have to do it. 😀 I’m all unpacked and just need to keep organizing and decorating. I spent so much time organizing the other house…now I’m starting over. Good thing I love to organize! We are both working on getting back in school. I’m really excited about going back. I’m thinking photography.

There is more, I’ll try and update again tomorrow.


Love this! April 5, 2008

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I Quit Too!

(Click on the link)


I want less April 4, 2008

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It’s been so long since I’ve posted-we moved and haven’t had real internet for a month so I have so much great things to post about, but all I can think of today is how much less I want. I need less responsibility. I need less stuff. I need less appointments. I need less to-do’s. I need less stress. I need less to think about. I dream about being able to get up and play with my kids and make wonderful meals and have a beautiful house to stay all day in and spend time with my family. Time to scrapbook our memories. Time to photograph our life. Time to read great books. Time to just be.