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I’m back! April 14, 2008

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Even though we got internet it hasn’t been working well on my computer so I wasn’t about to spend any amount of time of a post to have it disappear into internet h***. But I’m back-we got it working today(knock on wood)

Andy is doing awesome walking. He is getting more and more stretched out and strong. He is even walking on his own some(ie without a walker, etc) and that is really cool to see. It’s been so long. He was standing next to me the other day and I commented on how tall he is and he said he feels like I’m shorter than I used to be. 

He has come outside a couple times to play tennis. Part of our parking area has a big cinderblock wall that he hits balls off of. It’s pretty funny to see him playing tennis in his walker-but then again it’s pretty funny to see him do anything in the walker. 🙂

Since his hamstrings and his stomach are so tight when he lays prone there is a big gap-his stomach doesn’t touch the ground. Therapy has been stretching and all, but this is the latest method to stretch him faster:

The kids are doing great. Ax is thriving in school. I signed S up for preschool at the same school and he is loving it. I can’t beleive how old they are all getting. Ax today decided he is going to buckle C in his carseat ‘all the time’ so I don’t ever have to do it. 😀 I’m all unpacked and just need to keep organizing and decorating. I spent so much time organizing the other house…now I’m starting over. Good thing I love to organize! We are both working on getting back in school. I’m really excited about going back. I’m thinking photography.

There is more, I’ll try and update again tomorrow.


3 Responses to “I’m back!”

  1. Lacie Says:

    I’m glad to hear your boys are doing so well! These pictures are so fun to see! And good luck with your organizing!

  2. monica Says:

    ash!! lookat you, sexy hot mama! i love you with bangs!

  3. Kei Says:

    Tennis in a walker!!! Way to go Andy!!!!

    Glad all is going well Ashlee! Love the new ‘do!

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