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Got Tagged June 6, 2008

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I got tagged from Lacie so here goes.

10 Random Things:

1-I am so nervous that Ax will be sad on June 19th. He is having some very valid mixed feelings about the whole deal, which I’m cool with, but I’m not sure that I know how to prepare for myself for a reality where he could be disappointed about it. 😦

2-I am totally into queen right now! Love the music! Love the beats! Love the silliness! Love!

3-Birth control pills are messing with me. Blegh.

4-We finally got our fence closed in so we have our doggie Zeek living here now. Yay!

5-I know I look super sad in this picture, but I wish I was this skinny again. (and I wish I hadn’t felt fat when I looked that skinny)

6-Almost daily I wish I were a more fun mommy.

7-I am still super in love with my house. I can’t believe I live here. It’s so perfect for us right now.

8-Popcorn give me canker sores, but movie popcorn is good enough to deal with the pain for the next few days.

9-I can’t eat sugar cereal in the morning, but I crave it at night.

10-I can’t wait to take my whole family to the temple and be sealed together! 


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