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Adoption Day! June 16, 2008

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I have the final details about adoption day, but I don’t want to post all of it online, so if you didn’t get my email that means I don’t have your email address. Please leave me a comment with your email address and I will make sure you get invited!!


4 Responses to “Adoption Day!”

  1. Janel Says:

    Ash you know where to find me to post an update.


  2. Sarah Says:

    I haven’t seen anything so here is my email!!!!

    Congrats you guys!!!

  3. Stacey Says:

    I just want to say congratulations and Happy Adoption Day. There is a great song by John McCutcheon called Happy Adoption Day. We love it here at the Hay House and sing it often. The first verse goes like this:
    Oh, who would have guessed?
    Who could have seen?
    Who could have possibly known?
    All these roads we have traveled, the places we’ve been
    Would have finally taken us home?
    So it’s here’s to you and three cheers to you!
    Let’s shout it “Hip, hip, hip, hooray!”
    For out of a world so tattered and torn.
    You came to our house on that wonderful morn,
    And all of a sudden this family was born.
    Oh, Happy Adoption Day!

    So enjoy your day and three cheers to your family.

  4. Trina Says:

    I am so sorry but I won’t be able to make it…give your three boys a hug from me…and congrats to you and Andy!!! So SO SO happy for you guys!!!!


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