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I admit I am a copycat… June 27, 2008

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so watch out if you post something interesting, I might just copy you. šŸ˜€

Another shout out to my sister

I’m also sick of just writing the letter for my kids names. So here are cute nicknames I will use, based on their ASL name signs I have given them:

A is now Wolverine(because of his metal bones)

Ax is now AlleyCat

S is now Crazy

C is now Sweaty


3 Responses to “I admit I am a copycat…”

  1. Camille Says:

    Copycat, copycat! LOL I am glad I inspired you. And cute pictures!

  2. congratulations on the adoption. I am so glad everything worked out.

  3. Kim Says:

    Love the new nicknames…I hope I can keep up. I can’t believe how huge Sweaty is. Love that little dude. You are the best mom ever. Hugs.

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