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Sleeping out again July 23, 2008

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I got an app to blog on my sweet iPhone (it’s worked all day!). I’m loving this my super cool phone.

Right now I’m sitting on the sidewalk sleeping out for the parade. I’m sometimes the meanest, most evil mother and sometimes I’m the coolest that ever existed. Tonight I just happen to be the most super cool and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. 😀


I’m scared of my iPhone. July 22, 2008

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It’s 2:19 am. I’m loading my iphone with the apps that are supossed to work on it, the ones I downloaded from the apple store, one by one in such a tedious process I sometimes forget what I’m doing. I have to do this because this man told me to. The iPhone has bugs. The iPhone is struggling. The iPhone is driving me to swearing. It keeps crashing. All I do is load apps and customize preferences and then it tells me to go to h*** and makes me start over. So I’m finally listening to that man and doing it his way. It might actually make me want a different phone(except when it works my iPhone is D*** COOL!). Hopefully what he tells me will actually work. Cross your fingers for me and my iPhone.


Total nerd! July 11, 2008

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I am a complete nerd. Right now I am sitting at Gateway, on the sidewalk, at 2am, waiting for the launch of iPhone 3G! I am having the time of my life-This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time! I am in good company with lots of other complete nerds. It’s so exciting-apple people have been out talking to us and trying to help us find power(cause what is a bunch of nerds in line without a billion computers and iPhones?) They have been great. 


We did find power, we have snacks and blankets and pillows and pretty soon we will all have brand new awesome iPhones. WooHoo!


Since you love me so much… July 2, 2008

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You would want to follow every detail of my life. For that-there’s

Twitter is like a blog, but you answer the question “What are you doing?” It’s always short answers. You can post from the internet, IM, or text and get others updates the same ways. 

I think I’m addicted. 

Are you on twitter? What’s your username? I’m ashlieaxandike


You all love me so much…

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You want to be with me all the time, don’t you? DON’T YOU? 


Ah*blush* thanks!

Well, here is some of what we are going to be out doing in July:

7/9-Radio Disney Days at the Gallivan Center

7/12-Family Fun Day at This is The Place Park 

7/15-Gateway Fountains

7/24-The parade!

7/26-Swap Meet at the Fairgrounds

So call me, cause I’m cool and I do lots of stuff. 😉 Come play with me!