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I’m scared of my iPhone. July 22, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — ashlieaxandike @ 1:25 am

It’s 2:19 am. I’m loading my iphone with the apps that are supossed to work on it, the ones I downloaded from the apple store, one by one in such a tedious process I sometimes forget what I’m doing. I have to do this because this man told me to. The iPhone has bugs. The iPhone is struggling. The iPhone is driving me to swearing. It keeps crashing. All I do is load apps and customize preferences and then it tells me to go to h*** and makes me start over. So I’m finally listening to that man and doing it his way. It might actually make me want a different phone(except when it works my iPhone is D*** COOL!). Hopefully what he tells me will actually work. Cross your fingers for me and my iPhone.


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