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Sleeping out again July 23, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — ashlieaxandike @ 8:52 pm

I got an app to blog on my sweet iPhone (it’s worked all day!). I’m loving this my super cool phone.

Right now I’m sitting on the sidewalk sleeping out for the parade. I’m sometimes the meanest, most evil mother and sometimes I’m the coolest that ever existed. Tonight I just happen to be the most super cool and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. šŸ˜€


2 Responses to “Sleeping out again”

  1. Kei Says:

    You ARE super-cool and I’m so happy your phone has been working okay. I was getting worried when I read the previous entry that it was driving you to swear, lol!!!!


  2. monica Says:

    glad to hear about your phone!! its always a bummer when you get excited about new techie things and they just wont work. how was the parade? i thought about taking the girls, but then felt lazy so we watched it on tv lol.

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