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So Hard. August 7, 2008

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Being a grown-up isn’t at all what I expected.

It’s hard.

I’m so overwhelmed, by everything and nothing.

I can’t even think about all that is ‘wrong’ in my world right now.

I see everyone else with their happy perfect lives and I SWEAR we will never get there.



2 Responses to “So Hard.”

  1. Kei Says:

    ‘Perfect’ is in the eye of the beholder. You WILL get to where you want to be, just remember~ if there were no speed bumps and potholes and curves in our lives, how would we appreciate the achievements we’ve made? Life is an adventure, full of challenges and accomplishments, heartaches and joys, doldrums and highlights, tears and laughter. It can be overwhelming, and sometimes that’s the reminder that it’s time to sit back, slow down and take some deep breaths, watch the breeze make the trees sway, the bees gather their pollen, the rain roll down the window.

    Take it easy on yourself. Don’t think about what seems wrong with your world. Think about what is right, and concentrate on those. Blow bubbles with the kids, blow raspberries on their bellies. Have banana splits for supper.

    ~ hugs~

  2. Lace Says:

    Maybe you should know when I left your house on Friday I said to Tony how nice I thought your lives were. I know you are probably the most busy person I know with appointments and everything else going on and I haven’t forgotten all of the challenges you’ve been facing, but at the moment we dropped by it just seemed so nice that you got to be home as a family. AND I also was going to tell you that I just LOVE your style! You thought you looked like a ‘scrub’ but I want to steel that look from you cause I love the hat and the pants…

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