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maybe? August 10, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — ashlieaxandike @ 9:42 pm

We aren’t physics geniuses but from our calculations tonight we figured that(maybe?) Andy would have hit the concrete at 76 miles per hour when he fell. Dang! 


(Anyone think they are smarter than us? He fell 75 feet-how fast did he fall? If you can figure it out with more certainty than I I will find some prize at my house for you. :D)


2 Responses to “maybe?”

  1. Aprill Says:

    Maybe those awesome smart physics people would need to know his weight? Also, Are you planning some sort of 1 year celebration? It would be fun!

  2. Eddie Says:

    Actually, according to my calculations, it is over 100mph. Here is what I got, assuming no wind drag, acceleration due to gravity is 32 feet/s^2, and the distance to fall is 75 feet:

    time=sqrt(2*distance/acceleration) = sqrt(2*75/32) = 4.68 seconds

    speed=acceleration*time = 32*4.68 = 150 feet/second

    150 feet/second = 102 mph

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