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We have plans August 20, 2008

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We are meeting tomorrow at Rumbi Island Grill at Gateway tomorrow (the 21st) at 6pm. We will eat there, then walk over to where he fell. Come celebrate with us! Andy is working on calling and inviting people and I will join him tonight, but please, if you don’t get a call, know that you are invited anyway. We have put this off and are scrambling to let people know.


3 Responses to “We have plans”

  1. Aprill Says:

    I’ll be there. And just to let everyone know (well, everyone who reads the blogs AND the comments), we are also going to a room at the Children’s Museum afterwards to watch a video and stuff. Stay if you can.

  2. We just got back from camping. Sorry we missed the invite and the party! I hope it was fun! Congrats for surviving a stressful year!

  3. Kim Says:

    so so so so so SAD I missed this! I didn’t get the e-mail until too late….bummer. Wished I could have gone.

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